Bear Bell
RIGMOR SAKURA PETROL high heel wooden clogs

RIGMOR SAKURA PETROL high heel wooden clogs

499 SEK

Rigmor is a sweet model with a wristlet and buckle and a high heel of 6,5 cm. The colorful and detailed pattern is designed by Bear Bell and is filled with cherry blossoms, buds and leaves.

The bottom is lime tree and the top genuine leather with a glossy finish of PU. The buckle is nickle free.

Sizes and measurement:
To find your size, measure your foot from heel to toe. The measurements given below are the measure of the inside of the clog. For the perfect fit your foot should be a bit shorter than the shoe, by about 1 mm to 1 cm is usually the best.

Shoe size:     Shoe inside measure:
35         22,7 cm
36         23,5 cm
37         24,0 cm
38         24,7 cm
39         25,3 cm
40         26,0 cm
41         26,7 cm
42         27,4 cm