599 SEK

Sandals for all you guys out there with an I-can-wear-pattern-design-sandals-and-bugger-off-if-you-only-have-something-stupidly-predictable-to-say-about-it attitude. 

Anyway, the pattern is designed by Bear Bell and the sandals are ridiculously soft and comfy with an inner sole of natural cork and natural rubber. The top is made of genuine leather with a cover of PU, nickel free buckles and rivets and the outer sole of EVA.

Sizes and measures:
To find your size measure your foot from heel to toe. The measure given below is the inside measure of the clog. For a perfect fit your feet should be about 0,1-1,0 cm smaller than the measure below:

Sandal size:  Sandal inside measure:
40      26,0 cm
41      26,7 cm
42      27,4 cm
43      28,1 cm
44      28,8 cm
45      29,5 cm
46      30,2 cm